Hardware requirements

Hardware requirements:

  • a computer with the current Microsoft Windows or macOS operating system (at least BigSure) and with the current version of the Chrome, Firefox, or MS Edge browser;
  • Internet access (min. bandwidth 10Mbit);
  • the ability to join a meeting on the MS Teams platform;
  • required: speaker + microphone / optional: camera;
  • minimum screen resolution of 1920 x 1080.

Equipment necessary to perform exercises during the training:

  • minimum: one device / person
  • minimum software: Android 8.0 with support of Google mobile services / iOS 13.0 / iPadOS 13.0
  • recommended: three devices / person
  • their optimal combination:
    • Samsung device (at least Android 8.0 with GMS support)
    • device with Android 11.0 or newer (with GMS support)
    • iPhone with the latest iOS update
Devices recommended by Android Enterprise.